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tv   [untitled]    November 14, 2013 2:30am-3:01am PST

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administrator to be the clearing hours in any effect >> okay. thank you. >> director. >> could you give us american people update on this. can you regularly gives an yucht parallel the community to keep us informed. it's important agriculture all the stakeholders and the community is addressed. i personally would love to get an update >> yes. absolutely we'll keep you updated. >> i have a quick question. we're rushing towards a date to approve something. can we talk about what the form of the final property management plan. i feel like the memo are
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discrepancies of that and what is the property management plan itself and how detailed is the strategy in terms of what persons or offices of the city are property is going to transfer to the processes >> through the chair the actual form of the property management plan and the data that's prescribed there's some information that's required and that's what the real estate division is populating just some facts about the property the blocks and lots. and then we must designate of those 4 categories for deposition. we need to designate we don't need to designate a particular
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department, in fact, those are there other processes that the city would affirm that. even though we know the cities department of real estate owns that property that exists today in mission bay we must designate one of the 4 and describe that. to give you a sense of 76 mission the property plan you approved in july and since been approved by the department of state the bones of it are there but there are works to populate the actual plan but the conclusion for the deposition it's been vetted through the community process and there's an ongoing work to make sure we address concerns and putting
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forth the strongest argument to the department of the city of finance >> i want to ask the question the 76 project we need to expensive the final sale so it is clear what the land use is and how much it is going on for. i would say to the fellow commissioners and members of the public that i think that the directors answer lends to the optimism the property management is not the end of all it is saying what will happen and there's more to be talked about. who will manage it. so with that said i have one specific question and that's we
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can move on. so the shipyard with the community parcels there are 6 acres of community acres parcels of which most of it - all of it is unspigd at this point but it's going to be schools and fires houses and police that sort of thing. less than an acre has been designated for other community fates and i believe the community benefits agreement allowed for a separate body basically, the group management legacy fund to determine what the land uses will be. so will that be part of the recycled land use that goes to the city i don't see that in the memo or your presentation
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>> if i - let me see if i can answer your question. the land uses are very broad that are outlined in the phase and a lot of the language has to do - i mean the board categories the education it can be a lot of things but the main reminded those uses be selected in collaboration with the community. it didn't have to be the standard like schools and police but a senior center or a which will care center it's broad so we - i'm - we still have that obligation to work with the community to figure out what the uses are going to be and also
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assist with the financial obligation we still have that obligation but the ownership of the real estate wouldn't be with us and at least they're hoping very much we're going to be actively working on that because the city, you know, isn't as familiar with obviously with the requirement that in the phase and they're looking to us to help figure out what the uses are going to be in the program >> okay i won't belabor this but i see some members from the cac out here so most of the facilities are not going to be defined by what they want by need. like a police station so it's the categories are broad it
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can't be any or none of all there are some things that need to be there and those parcels are designated spots but there's a small parcel i think it's a regularly triangle shaped parcel that was meant to be an open space for whatever the community wanted and it's under the legacy fund board. so i don't want to belabor it if you don't have it right now we'll get back to it but it's the one thing i didn't see. i saw other things that are well-defined. thanks >> okay. anyone else? again, this is an item for a decision this is no action if there's any questions please ask
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staff so i appreciate all the pertinence and ma'am, secretary call the next item and the streetscape and this is to the candle light park and phase 2 of the shipping yard area for discussion >> thank you madam secretary and for you who have joined us. it's an phenomenal workshop that is a series of important actions that start with the policy direction from this commission. in order to - we're happy to report construction has started on the shipyard but soon infrastructure construction will commence about in august of 2014 and vertical construction from the alice replacement project.
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so those are key actions pursuant to getting us to the finish line to the alice griffin retains that we want to get started sooner other than the candle light side and i'd like to ask the senior director for candle stick point to present and a good afternoon, commissioners i will move through this quickly so have time for q and a. i wanted to the focus of today's workshop is the first major phase if the streetscape exempting site. as it turns out this is one of the most important it enables
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the alice 2k3wri69 site. in your packets you'll see a major phase that looks like this for the candle stick phase one and the streetscape one looks like this for the candle stick point side. so we're going to provide a brief overview for this today. we have some reps from the cac and the president of the alice griffith in the back waving. also, we have the master developer so far the site and there are a lot of consultants that have been working very, very hard to a keep us on a schedule but the members of the
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streetscape team and we'll present that as well. the goal as i said is not an action item we wanted to provide i with the opportunity for questions and answers. ? the alice griffith project is so important and we want you to have time to have q and a so we can make corrects and let's start back in the approval of the project in 2010. as many of you know, the deposition and development agreement was approved along with other documents by the board of supervisors and other agencies. the d b.a. have a lot of dochlts
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documents. there are others at work the design document approval procedure this layout a process for the city review. those documents and the subject design. here we are at major design this major phase will allow for the alice public housing site. in 2011, the city was lucky to receive a grant from hud to jump start the site. the grant agreement requires the first two blocks of alice be ready for occupancy if the deadline is missed it takes the
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money away. so america's cup i obviously there is some intensity. but frankly we've made go significant promises we keep points project on track. so the major phase application is meant to be a true up from the documents of 2010. the sites, you know, as opposed to mission bay don't require the vertical construction those ten to 12 blocks within the project site to do the true ups. there are a series of major phases on the sites and, you know, right now with the first major phase because we recently approved the project there are relevant deviations.
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i'll discuss those later. excuse the font. we're moving face and that's what the font tells us. i wanted to walk you through the major phase first. the major phase covers 15 hundred new enemies half of them are affordable in the retail district next to the stadium. that will be built over seven years highlighted in red. most importantly this includes the one-on-one dilapidated housing united at alice griffith and you see this adjacent to the site which is shown in the phase
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one generally likewise, the residents to move directly and it's outlined in red. as required this document the major phase document convolutes the phases. our primary job is to compare the submission we see with the improved documents to make sure it conforms to the approvals where the submission does not conform we've analyzed those changes and are evaluating them and i'll discuss that later in the permission. are first a quick overview. one of the things that is the land use it's the same as the 2010 it's a mix of residential and community facilities and a potential site for a hotel and a
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an arena. in terms of the open space in the the landscape architects he he's here poor one of the most important it is alice griffith park that connects the homes. it connects the alice griffith site and the wedge park i know with the transmissions from the candle stick center into the area. so it's kind of a hallmark in the i optimistic site. it will restore the historic site along james town and a planting restored species in the hillside to stabilizes it. from the housing prospective the major plan, you know, right now what was submitted was a total
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of over 1 thousand homes and the 2 hundred and 56 units are housing replacements. we have affordable homes that will be built near the center. the major feats contained two stand alone projects o are for housing earning over 60 percent of income. and there's requirements still at work here you'll have is a minimum of 20 periods of time and maximum of 20 closing arguments units it will be a 10 percent exempting commitment and those inclusionary opt are between the medium income. also one of the great things
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about the major phase in the d da documents it ties a lot of the community benefits that were contained in the benefit plans to the approval your approval of the major phase. so you'll see here this table outlines the timing and a triggers for the those benefits that covers education for the d b h community. also you may recall this project has a really aggressive goal to double the percent of residents that take transit. this is accomplished by taking several lines half of the project site and a flurgs the bay view area. that will be expanded to alice griffith. also the brt has been modified
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slightly to, you know, have a more efficient route to the development. you'll see in this major phase in the phasing plan the bill of rights bridge doesn't carry stadium traffic it will be built in the second major phase but there's ongoing monitoring of the traffic demand to respond to the situation it could come sooner depends upon that and chris is here to answer that more specifically. the more interesting thing that has come out of the last two years ago your you looking at the product of not just the scramble to work on that but they've been working with other city departments doing what we're supposed to do and flag
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you anything that needs to be fixed. one of the things that didn't need to be fixed was a bike freeway a 6 foot traffic lane that connects the cal train station and candle stick park and it is with paubldz. the candle stick project the cycle track is a very a really fantastic amenity. the other condones of the major phase that gets consolidated are the utilities their noting no less important. they've been reviewed by the city departments edify the last few years. so excluded in the utilities
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plans is the storm water and a domestic water and a rekierlgd water that is gray used for purposes of toilet you flushing in both commercial and residential buildings. the fire fighting system and gas and a utilities. we included moving trash in buildings in a pneumatic tubes like the old bank teller tubes to move the tackle from factors a central facility it removes garbage trucks from the street it is used domestically and awe broad. it is the system under the leadership of ecology and we've
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integrated it to be sure to that it is capable with the system. i want to turn it over to the team to a walk us through the street plan >> thank you. my name is evan and commissioners it's a real pleasure to be here today. obviously i have a speech impediment please don't hesitate to speak up if you can't understand me. >> i want to use that other. >> yeah, because i need to be near the screen. when we think about streetscape
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we think about it as more as just designing a street, streets are 25 percent of this city they're the place where we walk and drive and they're a very important function. the storm water and how we manage the storm water now those days this is an important part of the street and lastly they're about the community and the streets are the social place where we mediate e meet our neighbors. so when we started to think about this streetscape and analysis t we started to realize our challenge is how do we design a streetscape design for
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that san francisco but receptionists the san francisco. there's an amazing history and an amazingly responsibility materials and projects and things, artist et a street is constantly been ridden and we have an opportunity to do something to do in this city it's a part of the coming larger we can experiment if you will, and think about streetscape in ways we might not otherwise dpo do in a city. we realize that a big part of the exchange is to hard to recognize neighborhood character so we took a lot of time to do this. each of the neighborhoods is defined by its location
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interrelationship to the water and a land use et. we've got this alice griflth streetscape and they're obviously alice is residential and it acts as a part in the middle and a next to the city. it's got an amazing overlook at the top of the hill but it's very much how do you make it for families candle light is a commercial area but it's a main street within each neighborhood both candle stick and the point we realize there's an opportunity for the special places so we need to have opportunity within this streetscape titus itself, if you
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will, to have the parts in the street. so how do we do this. we realized there were something like that 52 different streets sections in those neighborhoods 52 that's crazy. i've done a lot of streetscapes i know the streets and the streets in almost every neighborhood in the city there's nothing like this so we thought how do we organize this. so we organized that with a simple street technology so if you're familiar with the street manual we have at the top i have a lazer pointer i can point it out this goes from the entry all the way to the shipyard and all the way out.
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the only thing that's consistent is the pacific street for this neighborhood. we have a series of streets where there's actually a froik with the sidewalk i'm talking about a significant sidewalk where we can have a pathway to the water ambassador e water and its divided onto into residential streets. that drags there the streets and in the manual. we have drawing through the neighborhood and then the perimeter streets that drag to other streets. we use the technology to organize all the elements and there's a lot of these elements. and if you do map it in the
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center you'll realize there hundreds of things on the sidewalk that fall with the shipyard we have to organize that and perhaps make it more organized than perhaps in the city. so the streetscape elements from the water and like i've managed a lot of water to the streetscape to the lighting and sidewalk et those are all i am reintroducing today by streets top lonely and simplifying and to create character and understanding, if you will, as you move through the neighborhood. i'm not going to go through all the daily but i'm happy to answer any questions and how we organize all the detail >> thank you very much. pleasure
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>> thank you very much - oh. >> okay actually, you know what can you do the other one? do that because i want to point at the screen. thank you evan for that quick presentation >> i want to wrap up in our memo those are the areas, you know, in reviewing the transmissions that didn't necessarily conform with the approved documents. we want to bring them to you most do require commission approval but their interesting changes. and so we wanted to disclose them at least to you. so as i said a number of those came over the last two years as we worked from the city staff to
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look at what was approved. the most significant it the phasing schedule. so up here it the original schedule atheists approved in 2010. the project as you may recall had something called subsequential delay that allowed for delay as response to environmental litigation. missouri which we referenced as the disillusion and the delay of the navy property. obviously the navy property massachusetts has been through idealize as we talked about the navy clean up. we have to change the schedule to move the project forward. most significantly you know, we really requested that the developer reorganize the phasing to enabl


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